Bauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed, has said he will announce his decision on the 2023 Presidency in the next three weeks.

Mohammed made this known yesterday when a political pressure group, the Northern Youth Leaders Forum (NYLF), visited him and asked him to throw his hat in the ring.

National Chairman of NYLF, Elliot Afiyo, was optimistic that the governor would not turn down their demand.

He said: “During our last meeting in Gombe, we scrutinised 47 people across the country and Mohammed was one of the leading names that came up. We subjected the leading names into votes and he emerged the winner and it was unanimously endorsed.”

Afiyo added that “The boldness and overwhelming passion displayed by Mohammed in the Senate when he promoted the doctrine of necessity motion that steadied the ship of state in the wake of Umaru Musa Yar’Adua’s death and brought peace to the country, announced his trajectory as a future national leader who would be needed someday which he added has come.

“Bala Mohmmed’s illustrious record of service as FCT minister; his performance showed him as the Moses who, someday, would take the country to the Promised Land. That day has come. That is not all. In 2019, Bala Mohammed defeated an incumbent Governor to become Governor of Bauchi State. Besides, his performance as Governor of Bauchi State has also been unprecedented.”

Afiyo declared that the NYLF was, therefore, announcing its endorsement of Governor Mohammed to run for the 2023 presidential election on the platform of any party of his choice.

However, responding to the youths, Mohammed thanked them for finding him worthy. He, however, urged them to give him 3 weeks for consultation. “I am highly delighted to be with you today, and I appreciate you for finding me worthy of your endorsement. I will reach out to you in the next three weeks after I have consulted relevant stakeholders,” he said.

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