The National Coordinator, Peter Obi 37 Merger Movement, POMM, Abuja, Tony Akeni, has entreated the National Chairman/Leadership of Labour Party, LP, and NC Front Third Force Mega Coalition to look away from LP presidential candidate, Peter Obi, and presidential candidate of New Nigeria Peoples Party, NNPP, Alhaji Rabiu Kwankwaso, combination, in the quest for a dependable winning strategy for 2023 presidential polls.

Akeni told newsmen: “If you ask me who else, I will quickly tell all progressive political movements and partners in the 2023 Third Force Coalition that politically, there is the all-denomination governor of Borno State, Babagana Zulum, even two-term governor of Kano state, Ibrahim Shekerau and several more alternatives to choose from.

“I wish we had spent half the same time NCFront and LP folks have spent on Kwankwaso on liaising with Zulum. Zulum is almost everything you benchmark about Peter Obi.

“Together, the pair as president and vice president is the type of modern political leaders who have the latent energy and potent vision to lead Nigeria from the trust-wasted, point-and-kill, and stone age administration of Muhammadu Buhari to a solid 21st Century civilization.

“Let us not have someone next to Peter Obi, who is as if all Nigerians are on their knees begging him to be vice president to Peter Obi, so that we do not end up having an arrogant, insubordinate and overambitious vice that can be tempted with treason like Macbeth.

“We should not give Peter Obi a strained, hostile Obasanjo-Atiku type of presidency tensions, fracas, frazzles and even a freezer journey for Peter Obi, God forbid. We do not want a John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson ‘accident’ and succession incident in our hands.

“Kwankwaso was once here with us in the NCFront Third Force multi-party, multi-movement coalition. He left, left unceremoniously to the best of my knowledge and indifferently.

“The most successful or peaceful presidency all over the world are those with a humble, subordinate and harmonious vice presidents. Yar’Ardua and Jonathan, Jonathan and Namadi Sambo, US’ Obama and Joe Biden, US’ Biden and Kamala Harris.”

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