Violence , intimidations, ethnic profiling  among others mars the guber election in Lagos State, as many voters failed to show up due to threats of attacks. An electorate has cried out alleging that voters were manhandled at their polling units in Falana Street, Ejigbo, Lagos State.

The Twitter user with the name @_Chinaza2, revealed that men bearing cans came to chase everyone out if they weren’t voting for APC.

“I am presently at my house now because we were chased out of the polling unit in Falana Street, Ejigbo, Lagos.

“They brought canes and they chased everybody out. They said if we were not voting for APC, we should go back to our homes. They literally said that. I’m going to post a video now to corroborate my story, right now.”

In the following viral video, Thugs were seen chasing electorate and shouting on top of their voices.

“Everybody ‘Ita’ (outside), e naa won legba (Flog them).”

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