Aba, the commercial capital of Abia State, lost one of its prominent businessmen, while another was abducted at the weekend.
A notable cement dealer, Matthew Amaiheuno, was reportedly shot dead by gunmen in front of his wife and daughter. A bag said to contain a large sum of money was also snatched from the family.
Another businessman, whose name was not ascertained at press time, was seized and taken away by five armed men.
A source said the man was kidnapped on Obikabia-Umukalika Road after being trailed by his assailants.
The cement dealer who hailed from Mbieri in Imo State was killed a few meters away from his shop after he had closed for the day, it was learnt.
The source said, “The man was going back to his house from his shop when the gunmen, who had been waiting for him, accosted them and demanded that the wife hand over a bag to them.
“The man attempted struggling with them and was shot in the head in front of his wife and child. The attackers snatched the bag containing a huge sum of money from them.
“He was rushed to some private hospitals and clinics, but they rejected him. The man’s life could have been saved if the man was attended to immediately because he was still breathing by the time he was taken to the hospital,” the source stated.
A police source confirmed the report but said the incident was not officially reported.

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