samsungSamsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has announced its new Samsung top mounted freezer (TMF) refrigerator, the RT7000 at Samsung Africa Forum in Monaco. Designed to enhance modern living, Samsung is the first manufacturer to bring its unique Twin Cooling Plus™ technology to the TMF category.

Many consumers have dreamed of owning a spacious refrigerator which keeps food fresher longer, so their weekly grocery shop goes further. It is a common disappointment to reach into the refrigerator to find that the fruits or vegetables have lost their natural moisture, even when kept in the vegetable drawer.

“At Samsung, we focus on creating appliances that help consumers be more efficient. Now consumers can keep food fresher longer, with Samsung’s innovative Twin Cooling Plus™ technology.” says Sunil Gupta, Africa Regional Product Manager, Digital Appliances.

Experience optimum moisture freshness throughout

When fruit and vegetables lose their natural moisture in low humidity conditions, the surface becomes dry and wrinkled. Optimum levels of moisture within the refrigerator are needed to keep freshness and taste locked in. The best, healthiest meals start with the freshest ingredients and the Samsung RT7000 ensures freshness and taste are maintained. The Twin Cooling Plus™ independent cooling system ensures that the right temperature and humidity level up to 70% is maintained throughout the fridge, so no matter where food is stored it stays fresh.

Great tasting frozen food

All food odours can change the taste of frozen foods and affect the flavours of finished dishes. With two truly independent evaporators, the Twin Cooling Plus™ features two separate airflows in the fridge and freezer, preventing unpleasant smell from food moving between the fridge and freezer, ensuring the original flavour of ingredients stored in the freezer is perfectly preserved and odorless.

No air movement between the compartments also means the freezer stays completely frost-free, prolonging the shelf life and the flavour of its contents. It also prevents the build-up of ice, removing the need to defrost the freezer.

Utilise the biggest capacity

The Samsung RT7000 TMF refrigerator delivers a spacious capacity which can fill up to 620L, enough to easily store a week’s worth of grocery shopping for the whole family. The fridge can keep all your fruits and vegetables in fresh condition for longer, not only in the bottom drawer but on every shelf. This ensures space is maximized so that no time is wasted looking for particular items in a packed refrigerator – that means shorter meal preparation.

Five possible conversion modes
Thanks to the Twin Cooling Plus™ technology, the new Samsung RT7000 TMF enables consumers to be flexible with cooling storage depending on their needs. The true independent cooling system allows turning the freezer into a fridge when required. The five modes are Freezer-Fridge, Energy Saving, Vacation, Fridge Max, and Mini mode.


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