Nigeria Football Federation President, Amaju Pinnick has doused the assertion in the media that the Pharaohs of Egypt may overtake the Super Eagles and become the seeded team when the 2022 FIFA World Cup playoffs draw is held in January if they do well in the ongoing FIFA Arab Cup.

The Eagles are currently ranked as the fifth in Africa according to the last FIFA Ranking released on November 1while Egypt are next in the sixth spot.


The cross-section of the media believes that Egypt will displace Nigeria and become the fifth-seeded because of their involvement in the Arab Cup which affords them more ranking points.

But Pinnick told journalists that the CAF Executive Committee at its extraordinary congress approved the use of the November 1 FIFA ranking and so the performance of Egypt at the Arab Cup and at the 2021 AFCON won’t be considered as the criterion for picking the five seeded teams during the World Cup playoffs draw In January.

“I also want to douse the assertion among Nigerians that Egypt could overtake us in the FIFA ranking if they do well in the Arab Cup,” Pinnick said.

“CAF Executive Committee met and what we have decided is the last FIFA World Ranking that was done on November 1 will be used for the draws. So Nigeria remains fifth and will remain in the first pot that I can assure you. I just want Nigerians to understand that. We wish Egypt do very well in the Arab Cup and the AFCON,” he concluded.

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