Latest data from the National Communications Commission (NCC) shows that MTN and Airtel are the biggest gainers of new mobile phone subscriptions in August jus as mobile phone subscribers’ base rose to 203.16 million in August from 198.96 million in July.

From July to August, MTN gained 2.73 million new mobile phone subscriptions, while Airtel followed with an addition of 1.06 million new phone users in one month.

The NCC mobile phone subscriber’s data showed that in one month, 9mobile added 214,282 new users to its network.

Globacom, during the period under review, added 192,327 new GSM customers to its network.

Further analysis of the data indicated that the country gained a total of 4.2 million new mobile phone subscriptions during the period under review.
MTN had 83.08 million mobile phone users in July and recorded 80.35 million users by the end of August.

Airtel, which had 54.77 million GSM users in July, gained 1.06 million new ones to record 53.71 million in August while Globacom’s mobile phone subscriber base grew to 52.93 million in August from 52.74 million in July.
The NCC data showed that 9mobile’s mobile phone subscribers increased from 12.16 million in July to 12.38 million in August, adding 214,282 mobile phone users to its network.

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