VRDCI web agencyVRDCI web agency, a tech company based in France said its Tuture app for iPhone which helps people to find their cars automatically was selected and presented as sensational by Apple in June 2015.

According to a statement, with the application “you can never again forget where you parked.

“This 4th application from the VRDCI web agency allows users to see the last position of their car, whatever its brand, and without any intervention nor accessory of any kind.”

Specifically, what the app does, according to the statement are;

  • See the location of your car at the time that you left it. If the driver stopped in an underground parking, the parking entrance will be indicated.
  • Manually input a location. This can always be used with older iPhones (4, 4S, 5).
  • Enable/disable notifications that will alert you if the application is stopped (i.e. lack of batteries, inadvertently turned off by the user, etc.)
  • In future developments to come throughout the year, Tuture will be able to inform you in real time when a parking space becomes available close to your car.

Describing it as an unprecedented application, the statement said, “While there exist many applications that offer to help users find their cars with the click of a button, Tuture stands out by doing it automatically, without accessories, and by continuously verifying that the application remains functional.”

Established in 1999, the VRDCI web agency offers a polymorphic and customized offer, blending complex Internet, and Intranet website creation with application development.

However, its core remains its SEO business, for which it is the only organization to offer payment by results on Google’s first page.

By Pita Ochai

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