USSD Controversy: MTN to use Remita for its Post-Paid Transactions

As part of efforts aimed at weaning its operations from overdependence on commercial banks for its Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) transactions, MTN has introduced Remita, a leading electronic payment platform, for the management of all its post-paid invoicing, payment as well as service-and-expense reconciliation needs. MTN’s post-paid customers- enterprises and individuals can now enjoy ease of payments and achieve instant value in a flexible manner.

This development will allow them to choose an invoice and amount to pay through any of the multiple payment channels available on Remita, receive a payment notification and an automatically updated transactions record with Nigeria’s largest mobile company. The telecommunications giant made this announcement recently after integrating its system with Remita’s invoicing and payments solutions suite.

The partnership is expected to holistically transform the experience of post-paid customers of MTN Nigeria, enabling them consummate transactions in the most convenient way, achieve payment flexibility, and maintain a record that is up-to-date and truly reflective of their payment status.

With post-paid payments now to be made on Remita, customers can centrally view, pay and manage all their bills. They can also retrieve their invoices and complete payments for their total outstanding bills or selected invoices.

They would also be able to enter a custom amount to be settled through a wide array of payment options available on the payment platform including card, internet banking, electronic wallet, USSD, bank transfer, phone number, and registered Remita profile. Transactions on the platform can also be completed at any bank branch and agent locations nationwide.

To enjoy Remita’s fast and reliable service for MTN post-paid bills, customers are to visit Remita website,, select ‘Bills and Purchases’, click ‘Pay MTN Bills’, enter their identification type (Invoice ID, Account ID, or Service ID), and then proceed to pay through the option most seamless for them.

In its announcement to customers, MTN confirmed that it had partnered with Remita for an easier payment experience and encouraged customers to call 216 or email for more details on how to enjoy the service which would guarantee them a stress-free payment experience.

Setting the pace for other players within the telecommunications industry, Remita billing and payment system is the first and only one of its kind within Nigeria which offers such an impressive level of transparency, ease of use, and instant service consummation for post-paid customers.

Speaking on the collaboration, David Okeme, Divisional Head, Vertical Markets and Payment Applications at SystemSpecs, providers of Remita, said: “With the increasing competition in every sector of the economy today, we at SystemSpecs are always exploring opportunities for collaboration, with the objective of improving customer experience across various levels of existence.

Partnering to power the payment needs of MTN Nigeria’s post-paid customers is yet another step in this direction which aligns with our insatiable longing to add value through the provision of innovative payment technology.”

Remita thrives on partnerships with other players within Africa’s financial ecosystem and has emerged as a provider of robust payment infrastructure and solutions to telcos, fintechs, and financial institutions as well as individuals, other organizations and governments.

MTN Nigeria provides wireless telecommunication services and offers roaming, Internet, bill payment, device financing, data management, SIM registration, and other related services to individuals and corporate customers all over Nigeria.

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