E-commerce to create 50,000 jobs in Nigeria

Evangeline Wiles

As e-commerce expands aggressively across Nigeria, the sector may help create over 50,000 jobs within the country in the next two years. Evangeline Wiles, Managing Director of Kaymu.com.ng said that as more and more retailers turn to e-commerce to acquire new customers and increase profit, the growing trends in online shopping in Nigeria means more opportunities for web designers, logistics personnel and affiliated services. “In the next couple of years, e-commerce is going to emerge as one of the top recruiters in the country with a large increase in the number of marketing and content roles,” Wiles said.

According to the Ministry of Communications Technology, the Nigerian e-commerce space has created over 12,000 jobs since 2012 expanding the infrastructure, warehousing, advertising and logistics service industry. This figure will continue to rise due to zealous and assailing expansions, mergers and acquisitions.

With the sharp increase in retailers falling over themselves to spruce up their web presence and the e-commerce services they offer, the potential of e-commerce as a tool for job creation is limitless.

Almost all e-commerce companies are using varied marketing platforms to promote their businesses both online and offline thus requiring competent professionals to fulfil their various job descriptions. This growth will ultimately have an impact on the employment rate in allied industries like advertising, production, logistics, and payments, amongst others.

Wiles further stated that Kaymu had grown exponentially in the past two years and its employment rate will continue to match that pace. “The vision that started with about five people today has over 150 direct staff and thousands of employees for our sellers in six states across the country, thus creating more jobs within Nigeria”, she added.

The growing e-commerce sector has resulted in a trend in job listings within the country with more than 60 percent of jobs advertised online falling into the e-commerce category.

By Pita Ochai


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